Friday, February 26, 2016

How a Professional Eye Exam Can Detect Convergence Disorders in Kids

If it seems like your school-age child is becoming easily distracted, has problems focusing on detailed written pages or reports seeing doubles of words, then he or she may have a convergence problem. The two eyes must properly converge in order to read pages of a book with a lot of text or to pay attention to a page with many math problems on it. When the eyes do not converge, a child may have eye strain and frequent headaches. A professional exam with your Indianapolis eye doctor may be able to detect such vision problems so that treatment can begin. Symptoms of Convergence Disorders A child with convergence disorders may seem to regress in school, especially with his or her reading level. Your child may also have difficulty with near tasks such as tying his or her shoes, coloring or playing games on an iPad.

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